8 Smart ways to manage your marketing

Small business owners have tons of responsibilities—and only too often they will get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of tasks that require to urge done and challenges that require to be overcome. this is often the last during a 5-part series filled with tips, ideas, and solutions to assist you in better manage your business. Marketing is one among the most important challenges small business owners face. How does one generate demand for your products or services, keep your business top-of-mind with prospective customers, and maintain a gentle pipeline of the latest business—all while handling your day-to-day duties? These suggestions will assist you better manage your marketing.

1. Develop an idea

Marketing haphazardly generates uneven results. Decide what you would like to realize from your marketing efforts, which methods will work best to succeed in your target customers supported your marketing research, and what quite budget you'll devote to marketing. Then create a 12-month marketing plan detailing the specifics; use it as your road map to guide your marketing efforts.

2. Get personal One-size-fits-all marketing not work (if it ever did)

Today, your marketing must have a private touch. Start by collecting customer data, like budget, past purchasing behavior, and private details, so you'll repose on this data of what your customers do, want, and need. It’s easy once you use a customer relationship management (CRM) tool like Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online that gathers all of the knowledge in one place.

3. Build relationships

Today’s customers want relationships with the companies they patronize. to create those relationships, your marketing must reach bent prospects in the least possible touchpoints along the trail to get. From awareness to consideration to research to decision-making, developing a marketing mix that comes with traditional, broadcast, digital, and mobile marketing messages ensures your business stays within the customer’s consciousness.

4. Tell a story

To convey your marketing message quickly during a compelling format, try Sway, a digital storytelling tool that creates it easy to make and share ideas onscreen. Just import an existing Word, PowerPoint, or PDF document, then edit the knowledge. Sway automatically formats it and even allows you to optimize for horizontal or vertical viewing (perfect for mobile devices). It’s easy to embed your Sway story in your business website or share it online for quick viewing on phones, tablets, laptops, PCs, and other devices.

5. Automate whenever possible

Use CRM tools like Dynamics CRM Online to form you and your team more efficiently. Dynamics CRM Online can track all of your customer interactions and data in one place, works with programs you already know and use like Outlook and Excel, and automates email marketing campaigns and other customer outreach. Automation gives you longer and money to spend where it counts—on your customers.

6. Manage your marketing on the go

Small business owners never pack up, and their marketing shouldn’t, either. To create, launch, and manage marketing campaigns anytime, anywhere, choose a mobile-friendly CRM solution like Dynamics CRM Online. Because it syncs in real-time, you’ll always have current information on your mobile device, whether it’s iOS, Android, or Windows.

7. Collaborate

The best marketing happens once you brainstorm together with your team. Choose marketing tools that permit you to be employed together, like Office 365. This cloud-based version of Office makes it easy to share documents, and also incorporates instant messaging via Yammer and online videoconferencing with Skype for Business. Use Microsoft Groups to make public or private teams that share an inbox, calendar, and cloud storage for marketing-related documents, and you’ll all get on an equivalent page.

8. Measure results

To know whether your marketing is functioning, you want to measure the results. Use Dynamics CRM Online to tug in customer data plus social media reporting; add in your website analytics and you’ll have all the knowledge you would like to ascertain what marketing methods generate the simplest ROI. Armed with this data , you'll fine-tune your marketing plan accordingly for greater success.